The GenCreator Mod is an incredibly easy way to create randomly spawning structures in your world. Essentially it allows you to create a structure, fill it with loot and mobs, and then export that so it will randomly spawn in a newly created world. It’s great for multiplayer servers and very customizable.


The first thing you’re going to do is create your structure. This can be a castle, a dungeon, a village, a house, you name it. Create anything you want. It might help to note that you can set which biome this creation spawns in so plan around making it look like it fits the environment. Then you’ll want to add what will spawn in it in terms of loot and mobs.


You will want to place chests in the spots you want things to spawn. If you want to have a loot chest spawn you have three options for what you’ll find. Craft a piece of paper and write ‘[RANDOM]’ on it. Place that in the chest and a random selection of items will spawn in it. You can also just place whatever items you want in the chest and that will be what spawns. Or you can do a combination of both.


You can then set what mobs will spawn in your creation. It’s the same process but this will allow you to set what mob it is, how strong the it is, what sort of armor it wears and whether it will drop the items it’s carrying/wearing; that happens whether you add an emerald or not.

And then finally you can set the structure to have a trading villager. This works similar to the mob chest but now you can set what type of villager spawns and what he’ll trade for. The top row contains a villager egg. Wool next to the egg determines what type he’ll be. Pink gives you a priest, brown gives you a farmer, white a librarian and black gives you a blacksmith. Place a select number of potatoes next to that to determine how much health he has. Then below that place how much something will cost with what he’ll trade for below that. So for example place 1 emerald on the second line and below that place a music disc and that’s what the villager will trade for 1 emerald.

When you’re finished select the top and bottom diagonal corners of the structure by aiming at a block and pressing f10 so that you’ve made a complete selection of your structure. Then press f10 again to create the structure.



Here you’ll select the biome it spawns in and the rarity. Then select create and it automatically exports to the Minecraft config folder. All you have to do then is start a new world and find your structure.



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  1. Good job; this is a great mod. I have installed it recently but haven’t played with it enough. I am doing a redstone castle project that involves some other mods like furniture, weapons, etc. I was wondering if GenCreator will copy Command blocks as well as other blocks from other mods. I am busy working on Minecraft projects, so I don’t have time to test this at the moment. I think this is one of the best mods I have seen in a while. Good work!

    March 2, 2015
    • Everything that you have within the selection grid should maintain when it randomly generates. So long as you’ve selected the correct dimensions you should be good and everything within it will be copied. And I would assume so long as you still have those other mods installed then they should stay within the structure.

      March 2, 2015
  2. Good idea. This could be very useful for server operators and moderators…
    Is there any way that it could be used for modding to allow preconstruction of randomly generating world structures, and thus implementation into mods for easy modding for beginner modders?

    March 2, 2015
  3. for the villager can you make a dobble trade? i want to make a villager that takes 2 gravel and a chunk of coal for 1 flint.

    March 14, 2015
    • To make your own villager with a custom trade, try out the custom NPC mod. I don’t know how to do half the stuff but it is fun to use!

      April 10, 2015
      • tried using it with customnpcs and my npcs dont spawn. Ids there a way to fix this?

        June 9, 2019
  4. I attempted to make a zombie arena to spawn in my worlds, but all that generated was a chest full of blocks in alphabetical order instead of a zombie. I followed the instructions how to make a custom mob with diamond armor, etc.

    May 26, 2015
  5. whenever i try to put something in a chest that isn’t a spawn egg and 64 potato s it just gives me the first 3 rows of the miscellaneous tab i cant even add more than a stack of potato’s or armour to a mob spawn even though i follow the instructions word for word

    June 28, 2015
  6. How do you delete a structure from Minecraft? Say, if you were testing a building and do not want it to soawn randomly anymore? Do you have to go into the MC config?

    July 7, 2015
  7. If I build somewhere underground will it still spawn above ground? Just to keep my builds in one place without having to have them out in the open. Or can I add underground/underwater structures?

    August 16, 2015
  8. I made a small village house randomly generate in plains and followed the instructions but i wanted a custom name for the villager so i named the spawn egg Refuge farmer but it generated a chest full of building blocks similar to creative inventory i deleted the structure and made it without naming the egg and it worked sucessfully please add the renaming ability in the next updates…

    P.S. If it exists now please tell me how to do it

    September 21, 2015