If you’ve ever wanted more customization to music and sounds in Minecraft then the Musica Mod is the perfect tweak for you. It allows you to create your own music discs, share them with friends and even change the sounds mobs make!


There are now auto-tune enchantments that allows any mob a small chance to drop any disc in the game. It’ll play a random sound effect when you hit a mob and you may or may not get a disc out of it. And Creepers will now drop any disc in the game if killed by a skeleton.


dropped disc

This mod gives an upgrade to the traditional note block allowing you to change any of the in-game sounds with ease. There’s a simple GUI to easily help you. You can either enter a sound manually or hit the randomize button to bring up a random sound. This is a great way to customize the game to your liking in terms of what you hear minute to minute. Or to just have some fun playing around with changing all the sounds you’re used to hearing. You can adjust the pitch, volume, and distance it will be heard.


And a new villager has been added, the Music Clerk. You can trade records with him or even a jukebox if he has it available.


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