Geochests gives you a quick functionality for doing various tasks in the game. You can take a certain amount of blocks, compile them into a chest and then bring that chest anywhere you want to then replace the blocks. It works with a new ore found in hills and mountains called Geodite.


The chests come in various sizes depending on what you want to take with you. Say you just want to take your bed and some home items. Just place the chest in front of it and open it up. The GUI inside will have you click the chest again and it will take all the contents in front of it. Then right-click the chest and it will break without destroying and you can pick it up. You can then place it wherever you like and unload.



This process can work on a much larger scale too. Take a bigger chest and use it to maximize your mining. It will take a large chunk of the area you put it in front of and simply remove it.



It’s a great copy and paste mod if you’re in creative mode too. Create your initial structure that you want copied. Load that into a chest and then place where you want it to go. Then destroy the chest and repeat. In Creative mode the chest will be infinite so pasting a series of rails, a bridge or a tall tower will be simple to do in far fewer steps.


And to further visualize how much the chests will take, you can craft the Geovisualizer. Just right click a chest with it and it will show you the area that will be consumed.


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Geochests, 3.99 / 5 (92 votes)


  1. Great mod. Good for insta mining

    September 4, 2015