Special Armor

The Special Armor Mod gives you a ton of new upgrades to the armor in the game. You’ll get special abilities like flight, breathing under water, limited fall damage and much more depending on what pieces you craft. Right off the bat the jetpack is a great way to get around in the world. It’s like flying in creative mode but you don’t have to cheat to enable it. Build your way to the skies the honest way and get around much quicker.


The fireplate will give you fire resistance but it does a bit more than just protect. If you press ‘G’ it will create a burst of fire to aid in battle with invading mobs. Holding ‘G’ will generate an even more powerful blast.


Combine that with the diving helmet to prevent drowning, speed pants to run faster, hover boots to hover or jump boots for higher jumping and you’re a self-made Minecraft superhero.


And then you’ll find some of the zanier pieces of armor like the TNT plate that emits an explosion that won’t hurt you:


The Pork Armor that replenishes half or a whole heart every 10 seconds depending on if you cooked it or not:


Or the Flower Plate that does nothing but plant a random flower every now and then because who doesn’t want the world a little more refreshing?


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  1. how do you make the magic boots?

    April 4, 2015
    • Put the lava and water buckets in the top corner and iron ignite under both of them,then put feathers under the iron.

      October 13, 2015
  2. Does this only work 1.7? also Can you mak emerald coal lapis and redstone armor with this? Oh and one last thing: Can you make armor from Nether quartz? plz answer

    March 23, 2021