Resourceful Tools

Resourceful Tools is an excellent mod that allows you to obtain resources in a much easier way by using a series of specialized tools on certain blocks and materials. You can use the hand trimmer to harvest more materials from various tree leaves. Slice through oak leaves for apples or maybe spruce leaves for feathers. You can even harvest materials from sea plants and get prismarine crystals or shards from tall seagrass and kelp. You can also find Ender pearl fragments simply by trimming dark oak leaves!

The hand tiller is a tool you can use on gravel and clay. When you break gravel with it, you’ll not only get the gravel block as usual but you’ll also have a chance to gather bone fragments. The same can be said for clay blocks. You’ll still get clay balls as usual but now you’ll have a chance of getting ink sacs as well!

The glass placer is a really neat one that allows you to place a glass block in mid air without needing any blocks around it. Simply aim the placer wherever you’d like and it will put a glass cube right in that spot. This can be great for placing blocks high in the air rather than placing temporary blocks you’ll end up destroying anyway.

It can also come in handy for underwater bases and make for easier structures to come together with a limited supply of oxygen.

The hand pick will be a great tool to harvest some rare items or item fragments from many common blocks. You can take a whack at sandstone for saltpeter or find Ghast tear fragments from nether quartz and even small piles of blaze powder from magma blocks.

Bamboo can get even more use from this mod as well. The hand scraper can be used in a crafting table to make bamboo sheets from bamboo stalks. Simply place the scraper in a crafting grid with some bamboo and you’ll craft the sheets. These can be used for an alternate way to make leather since you can combine nine bamboo sheets to make large bamboo sheets.

And just like you can with rotten flesh, once you craft those bamboo sheets you can place them in a furnace and smelt them into leather hide! Bamboo may be more plentiful in some situations so being able to turn them into leather this way could be a lucrative option.

The hook knife is a great way to obtain string from wool. All you need to do is break wool blocks with the hook knife and it will drop a piece of string. This can really come in handy if you’d like to obtain string without needing to trek through potentially dangerous areas where spiders roam or if you’re on a peaceful world without spiders and their webs, this can be a useful alternative.

The same hook knife can also be used on sheep without the need to sheer them for their wool first. Simply right click a sheep with the hook knife and it will also drop a piece of string while simultaneously retaining its wool. This can be a great way to maintain that your sheep can still keep their wool if you don’t need any at that particular moment and you can harvest some string quickly and painlessly.

This mod also has a feature of super condensing stone and soft dirt blocks. These blocks like gravel, sand, cobblestone, and andesite, among others, can be compressed to three additional levels making for simpler storage as well as alternate building material uses in your architectural designs. This means that you can store 729 blocks of each type that can condense into a single, triple condensed block!

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