DarkUtils adds a bunch of little tweaks and traps to enhance your Minecraft experience. It focuses on hiding blocks and laying traps for unsuspecting mobs. The Sneaky Lever is a great item to hide a lever in plain site. Just place it and then place any other block over it and that block automatically becomes the lever. So you can hide redstone switches without anyone knowing where they are.

There’s a series of traps you can lay to protect your home and each one deals a different set of damage like maiming, poisoning or setting on fire.

The Ender Hopper, when connected to a chest will teleport nearby items directly into it. So you can place this near your mine or simply your storage area and instead of actually opening the chest, dropped items will automatically be placed into it.

And the Null Charm is a great piece of equipment that allows you to filter items you don’t want to pick up naturally. It will instead destroy those blocks that you deem unworthy of your inventory as you walk over them.

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