Miner’s Advantage

Miner’s Advantage aims to make mining and tedious tasks a bit quicker and more automatic. It comes loaded with several different perks for various tasks. Shaftanation will create a mineshaft by holding down the left alt key when you hit stone with a pick. It will start digging in a horizontal direction up to 128 blocks. It is at the mercy of the durability of the pickaxe so bear in mind that it will still take damage.

At the same time if you have torches in your inventory, it will also automatically place them at set intervals! And if you want to manually place them you can do so simply by hitting the V key and it will place it so long as the torches are anywhere in your inventory.

The Excavation perk will clear out all similar blocks within a set radius or so long as your pickaxe survives. Just hold the grave (`) key when you hit the block and the neighboring blocks will automatically start to mine. This mod will also cause all of those blocks to automatically be placed in your inventory as they are mined.

And if you start chopping down a tree, this mod will chop the entire tree after the first hit.

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