Lucky Ores

Lucky Ores generates two types of ores that will cause a random event or item to spawn when broken. The main one is the Mysterious Glowing Ore and can generate a positive or negative event.

It can range from a variety of things like random fish or even a tree:

Or give random buffs like strength or strangely floating until you are suddenly dropped from an undetermined height:

But it can also cause some unlucky things to happen like draining your hunger bar entirely.

The Eerie Glowing Ore is much the same and has a chance for lucky items to spawn but it has a much higher likelihood to cause some really unlucky things to happen like losing all of your items instantly.

Or random exploding levers:

Or even encasing you in glass or several layers of stone!

There is another benefit to this mod that the Mysterious Ore can be smelted into Strange Glowing Shards. These can then be crafted into new glowing tools!

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