Misc Additions

Misc Additions is a mod that adds a variety of new items and blocks and doesn’t detract far from vanilla. It adds new charred blocks for new wood types, doors, fences, etc. You can get a charred tree by using the new Charred Bone Meal on dead bushes.

Cobalt is a new ore that can be used for cobalt tools and weapons. This mod also allows weapons and tools to be crafted from prismarine as well!

And cobalt can be turned to cobalt dust allowing you to make redstone connections underwater. Now you can power things below the surface without needing complicated paths.

Firemelon slices can be a great item to carry around in fiery situations. If you eat a slice while on fire it will extinguish you!

And you may come across fossils buried in either dirt, gravel, or stone. Each fossil will yield a different item each time you mine them.

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