Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings is a simple mod that adds some aesthetic flairs to a few environmental interactions. The improvements added with this mod may seem small but they blend so well with the traditional behaviors that it feels like they should’ve been there all along. The first change you might notice right away is the way rain looks falling on bodies of water. You’ll now see more realistic ripples on the surface of the water for each drop.

You might also notice a broader difference in your surroundings if you’re outdoors in the very early morning. There is now a morning fog that blankets the land just before daybreak.

Lava pools and water that comes in contact with lava now have some new visual tweaks. If you’re in the Nether or by a larger lava pool or lake you’ll likely see fire jets shoot up the magma.

And if water flows down to a lava source you’ll see steam jets shooting up where the fluids meet.

Waterfalls also have a degree of splash that varies depending on the height and volume of water.

And one of the most soothing and glorious additions this mod adds is perhaps the Auroras you might see traveling across Taiga biomes.

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