Dramatic Doors

The Dramatic Doors mod gives the player a wider range of door sizes to choose from with the addition of several three block high door options as well as the same ones but only one block high. If you have ever felt the need for taller or shorter doors in any of your builds then this mod certainly has you taken care of since the developer also included the ability to make these door heights with over 70 different mods as well! But the standard vanilla style doors are simple to craft and require three of the original doors to be stacked vertically in a crafting grid in order to make a taller version of that door.

So for example if you would like to craft a tall oak door, then first you will need to craft three standard oak doors. Then simply place those into another crafting grid one on top of the another and now you have a tall oak door! The same process works for every other door option and while this may seem like a costly recipe for needing three times as many materials, the results are flawless and deliver exactly what you would be looking for in a taller door option.

These taller doors work exactly the same as normal doors but are now one block taller to allow more head room to walk or ride a horse through. Sometimes the aesthetic of a particular build might look much cleaner or more natural with a taller and more dramatic door in place of the standard two block high doors. These would be perfect for designing prominent front entrances to large builds and can command a much more powerful ambiance to showcase.

You can place them on corners as well just like standard doors and yet again you will see a much more impressive entryway.

This mod also includes the same type of doors to be made into one block high, short doors that could be used in a variety of creative ways. These could be used as secret doors that are not immediately noticeable as a door to anyone not already aware. With the ability to crawl by sneaking through a 1×1 block space, these short doors could be incredibly useful for hiding passageways or making an area that much harder to get in to.

These short doors can also be used like trapdoors that swing out horizontally so any uses for trapdoors can now be taken to another plane. Plus they can simply be used as additional window shutters that have more intricate designs than what is already available. And crafting short doors is even simpler than crafting tall doors. All you need is a stonecutter and the standard door you want to make shorter. Place the standard door in the stonecutter and you will yield two short doors. It is literally like cutting a standard door in half since you get both halves as the output that can now be used as individual doors.

So if you always wanted the ability to have just one more block of head room for any of your entryways or maybe you wanted to be able to ride a horse through that same entryway without clipping your own head, then this mod will certainly give you the feature you so desperately needed. But if you simply wanted a more dramatic and commanding entrance then you are equally covered with these tall doors. And conversely if you always wanted a more sleek secret door or unassuming trapdoor, then you are also well taken care of with the use of short doors.

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