Comforts adds portable solutions for sleeping in Minecraft. If you need a quick spot to reset your spawn or just reset the time of day, this mod makes it super easy to do. Just craft a sleeping bag and lay it anywhere!

Then when you’re ready to move on just destroy the bag and carry it with you. Plus they’re stackable so you can carry several in your inventory at once! There’s also another sleep solution or even just a quick rest/seating option with hammocks!

And both the sleeping bag and hammock can be customized in any of the game’s usable color options.

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Comforts, 3.91 / 5 (79 votes)


  1. CONS
    The sleeping bag is an easier to craft alternative for the bed, rendering the good old bed practically useless. Also now that you have the sleeping bag the hammock is only for ambiental atmosphere.

    On the other side I like that sleeping bags are just a skyblock kind of alternative for the bed, giving that sheep may be abundant if you have a grass farm but the sticks may be scarce. And the hammock is a very nice backyard sleeping bag, but also easy to craft for these who slay a lot of spiders and not so lot of sheep.

    In this case the pros hardly outrun the cons so I will give this mod 4 stars.

    October 23, 2018