Advanced Fishing

Advanced fishing adds a slew of new fish to all different biomes. Meaning depending on what biome you start fishing in will determine what type of fish you can catch. Some fish overlap like cod and squid but in deserts you may catch sandy bass:

In swamps you may catch mud tuna:

And in snowy biomes you can catch frost minnow:

You can even go fishing in lava and catch things like Nether Salmon, Obsidifish and Magma Jellyfish!

But these fish are more than just clever names and in varying locations. These fish can be crafted into their respective blocks and items!

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  1. Wow! This is going to be so useful! But what are those fishing rods? Are they part of this mod?

    October 21, 2018
    • It’s a new rod added with this mod called the Blazing Fishing Pole and it’s what you need in order to fish in lava. It unfortunately cannot be crafted but you can find it in chests in Nether Fortresses or you could fish for it in lava with a regular pole.

      October 25, 2018
      • Oh, okay, thanks for the help!

        November 1, 2018