Nether Utils

The Nether Utils mod places your initial spawn point in the Nether. You’ll be dropped on a random 5×5 platform anywhere in the Nether. This could put you in a dangerous position like the middle of a lava ocean but you do start with a brief period of fire resistance so you should be able to make it to land in that timeframe.

From here you’ll have to learn how to survive with the little resources available to you. You may come across some new trees with special drops to help. You can also farm soul sand now to grow underworld crops.

You also may notice new achievements (advancements) popping up over time and you’ll need certain ones in order to actually leave the Nether. Once you do then you can craft the pedestal and overworld portal and so long as you have all the materials required you can teleport up.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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