Advanced Inventory

The Advanced Inventory Mod gives you many customizations for your inventory adding both more space and more functionality. There are 6 upgrades that each unlock a new slot. You can simply craft the emerald upgrade to unlock all slots at once or go in intervals.


To open the advanced inventory, simply tap ‘R’. With each new slot you can also craft modifiers that give specific slots new abilities. The Item provider is a great addition that will replace any item you direct it to. So essentially you can set it to replace your tools as they deplete but you can also set it to replace building blocks if you’re placing many of the same blocks in a row.


The item crafter is a great way to speed up crafting of items you need regularly. Say you often craft ladders or rails and don’t feel like constantly making the recipe. Just set the recipe in the crafter settings and keep that slot stocked with the necessary items. Then just click the item you want and it will auto-craft it for you. The recipe stays there as long as you want it to and you can set up to 9 different recipes per modifier.


The filter and collector modifiers work excellent together by automatically collecting any of the blocks you designate. So if you want this particular slot to only hold your wood blocks, it will take any new blocks you chop down and put them in that slot only.


And the item voider acts as a deletion tool of any items you don’t want to hold onto. Rotten flesh is a great one to set for this and if you combine it with the item collector and filter then it will automatically destroy those blocks as soon as you grab them. Be sure that you are absolutely certain you want those items destroyed in that case as they will be gone forever.


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