Ender Utilities

The Ender Utilities mod adds new tools with Ender abilities. The Ender bow and arrows for example allow you to set a location by right clicking a desired block and then anything you hit with the arrows will teleport to that spot. This is great for mob farming as the first hit will always teleport them. So if you have the location set to a block that will kill the mob, you can easily collect their drops. Set up a hopper and chest and the items will automatically collect when the enemy dies.



The Ender Lasso works in a similar manner except as a melee weapon. You have to actually hit the mob in close proximity and they will also teleport. This will ultimately save you on resources as you won’t need to supply it with bows.


There’s now a re-usable Ender Pearl that will replenish once you land after throwing it. So you won’t have to go through so many pearls just to find that dungeon. And there’s also an elite version of the Pearl that will actually allow you to fly with it.



The Ender Porter comes in a basic and advanced version. It allows you to set a desired location and with it you can teleport from wherever you are. The basic only lets you teleport in the same dimension but the advanced will allow you to teleport between dimensions.


The Ender Furnace is significantly improved over the standard furnace. It will output more items per fuel source and will also automatically drop the items in your Ender Chest. It has three speeds as well. Without a fuel source it will still output 1 item per 60 seconds. The turtle will output 1 per 3 seconds. And the lightning mode will output 1 per second but uses twice the resources.


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