Vanilla Hammers

Vanilla Hammers adds a bunch of new hammers to Minecraft making your mining experience much quicker. Each hammer varies in durability and speed depending on the material used but they will all clear a 3×3 stone block path with one break. The base hammer is made of wood and is the slowest of them all.

You can craft a stronger hammer with almost any other standard ore like iron or diamond but you can also craft obsidian, quartz, and prismarine hammers among many others. The hammers will only break stone and ore blocks so any others like dirt or gravel could easily get in the way of a quick mine vein.

But clearing ores is a breeze with these hammers since you can strip away whole veins in seconds!

And the hammers are great for attacking enemies as well. Each has an obvious strength differential based on the material used but the slime hammer is enchanted by default with Knockback III making for some great defensive maneuvers.

This mod requires two additional APIs found here and here.

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