Buddycards is a fun, item collecting mod that adds cards you can find all over your Minecraft world. Currently there are 5 packs containing 54 cards and 1 pack containing 36 cards and you can find them in chests, dungeons and villages!

You’ll likely come across extra cards while you collect packs or individual cards and these can be great for trading or to craft binders. You’ll need 3 spare cards and 1 leather to make a binder. And there are 4 different binders that can hold 54 cards each.

And you can even display your cards outside of the binders if you’d rather have them out in the open. There are currently 8 different wood displays that can hold 6 cards each!

This mod also adds a new ingot called Buddysteel. This will allow you to craft armor and tools that will grow in power the more cards you collect!

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  1. I love this, reminds me of finding and collecting Digimon cards in Digimon World! Great addition here

    May 13, 2021
  2. How do you obtain the new ingot?

    August 2, 2021