Traverse Reforged

Traverse Reforged is a mod that adds a bunch of new biomes to explore and expands the beautiful landscapes ahead. This mod adds a wide variety of new forest type biomes like the Autumnal Hills covered with lush, fall-colored trees to enjoy any time of year. Each of these trees have their own saplings and colored leaves to grow or place anywhere!

This mod also adds a fir sapling and subsequently several coniferous biomes like the high coniferous forest sitting atop a steep mountain.

The rolling hills biome is like a bumpier plains biome filled with trees that seem to have no end in sight at times.

Along with the more mountainous biomes this mod adds, you may come across cliffs that shoot up sporadically and very high amidst the hills and deserts.

Or the vast plateau type of mountain you’ll find on the rocky edge.

And this mod adds several unique and interesting biomes like the miniature jungles that pop up randomly but maintain the aesthetics of a normal jungle only in a smaller package.

Or the wooded island to make a more tropical feeling world set miles away from any civilization.

And these merely scratch the surface of so many more incredible biomes to explore!

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Traverse Reforged, 3.66 / 5 (32 votes)