Tiny Mob Farm

Tiny Mob Farm aims to make farming for mob drops a very minimal and clean process. The entire farm takes up a single block space and there are a variety of tiers that vary the time it takes to generate items. Depending on the level of the tier will determine how quickly you’ll get items. And all you’ll need to do from there is capture mobs with the lasso.

Once you have a captured mob just place it in the Mob Farm and over time it will generate items.

The tiers will also determine what types of mobs can be captured. Some of the lower tiers cannot capture hostile mobs so you’ll need to upgrade to a higher level for them.

The highest tier farms will generate items every .5 seconds so that leaves many items popping out with nowhere to go. Luckily you can easily contain these items by placing a chest above the farms so they can be stored and not lost forever.

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