Tinker Tweaks

Iguana Tinker Tweaks is an add-on to The Tinkers’ Construct mod, previously reviewed here. It takes all the fun and tools from the mod and gives them a realistic leveling function. Your tools now require you to level them up by using them and they will gain more abilities and modifiers as you do. So you’ll construct your tools as you normally would with Tinkers’ Construct but now you’ll have to work harder and expand your skills over time. Also most of the vanilla tools are now disabled and you have to level your tools in order to progress in the game.


So you have to start small with this modded mod. You can really only craft flint tools early on since wooden tool heads are no longer craftable with Tinker Tweaks. You’ll be mining a lot of stone in the beginning but your skills should grow fast. This method works with pretty much all tools and weapons. You’ll start with flint and work your way up.


You will need to utilize the tool repair feature if you want to upgrade your tool parts and keep your tools in shape. This mod makes repairing very easy as you’ll simply need a tool station table and an ingot of whatever your tool head is made from. So if you have a damaged flint tool, place it in the station, add a piece of flint and the tool is repaired. The same works for copper heads using a copper ingot, iron head and iron ingot and so on. Now you can cast higher quality parts and replace the lower ones to further your tool’s leveling capabilities. Check the Tinkers’ Construct Review link above for more info on smelting and casting tools.


With the smeltery you can now smelt obsidian without mining any actual obsidian. You’ll simply need a couple of tanks and drains to add to the top of your smeltery then add lava. After the lava has been added start adding water into the mix. This will give you smelted obsidian and you can then make obsidian mineable picks to further progress your tools.


Basically this mod turns your Tinkers’ Construct world into a world of advanced blacksmithing. You get all the tools and abilities of Tinkers’ Construct but now you’ll have to gain experience with more metals to make your tools stronger. The strongest of which is a new metal called Manyullyn. It really adds to the difficulty of the game if you’re looking for something a little more hardcore in tool skills. There’s also some new armor added with this mod like zoomable sight goggles, the ability to walk up one block without jumping, swimming fast, and jumping two block’s height.


You’ll also need the Tinkers’ Construct Mod (here) as well as the Mantle API (here) to run this mod.

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Tinker Tweaks, 3.80 / 5 (173 votes)


  1. This is a pretty great mod, but I feel like it neglected to mention one crucial detail.
    This mod also adds a recipe for a clay bucket that you will need to use to transport lava into your smeltery. The reason for adding this item is because you won’t be able to harvest iron until you use the smeltery to craft a copper pickaxe head. The clay bucket is mentioned in the forum post, but I didn’t see anything else mentioning clay buckets while playing with the mod. I was genuinely stuck trying to figure out how I was supposed to get a hold of some iron for an iron bucket. After an hour of google searching, I eventually stumbled upon the mention of the clay bucket, and now I know.
    I feel this recipe for the clay bucket really should be in the guide book given to you by the mod, or at the very least in one of the pictures on this page, since it is vital to the use of the smeltery. Anyone could easily miss this if they do not check the forum post for this mod.

    August 8, 2016
  2. This mod takes Tinkers Construct to a whole new level. Thank you Afrodancer for mentioning the clay bucket.

    December 8, 2016