Cave World

The Cave World Mod adds a cave dimension but also adds a ton more to the game including a new mob, new blocks, and new items. This mod gives normal Minecraft Caves a serious run for their money.


The cave dimension is customizable in terms of size and ore veins contained within. You can find the config menu by clicking the mods button on the main Minecraft menu screen. It’s also fairly simple to craft the gateway. Build a standard portal out of Moss Stone or Mossy Stone Bricks and then place an Ender Chest within the frame. You’ll now be able to enter the Cave World.


The mod adds a new ore called Cavenium. It can be crafted into blocks or you can use Refined Cavenium to improve the durability and speed of pickaxes. You can also make an Ore Compass to point you in the nearest ore position.


One other neat thing about this mod is the Caveman mob. He can be tamed and once he starts following you around he’ll collect the drops you mine making it much easier to mine without having to worry about filling your inventory too quick. He’s like a walking large chest only with more storage. You can shift + right click them to access their inventory. He can also be customized to either always be friendly or be hostile on attack.


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  1. How do you tame the caveman mob?

    April 7, 2015
    • With 1000 levels of xp. Not joking I watched another mod review for this. He said it required a certain item as well as 1000 xp levels.

      September 26, 2016
      • *Just went and checked* An emerald is the item required.

        September 26, 2016
  2. How do you light the portal

    January 10, 2017