Stair Cutters

The Stair Cutters mod is a simple but extremely effective and frugal way to literally carve stairs into blocks. You can carve into any block that is already a stair-craftable block, such as wood planks, bricks, and sandstone.

There are two cutters that come with this mod, the original Stair Cutter and the Less Annoying Stair cutter. The original one can cut stairs in any direction:

And the Less Annoying ones will only cut “up-facing” stairs. This is the one you will probably use more often as it will make the more traditional stair shape as opposed to upside down stairs.

If you’re ever frustrated in making stairs all the time then this is a quick and easy way to do it with little hassle. Plus since you’re not crafting stairs with these, you’ll use significantly less resources and save two whole blocks by carving them instead.

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