Pig Manure

Pig Manure is a mod that makes your pigs poop. But it’s more than just poop since you can use it for a few different tasks thus giving more reason to farm pigs in Minecraft.

Adult pigs will randomly poop and it’s up to you to collect it. You can then use it as you would manure in the real world. It acts as a bonemeal substitute and a much more efficient source of food growth if you happen to be playing in a peaceful world.

And there are two other uses for the manure as well. You can smelt it into bricks or somewhat hilariously use it to dye white wool brown.

You will need an additional API found here.

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Pig Manure, 3.67 / 5 (109 votes)


  1. Really creative mod! 😛
    Now you should make manure for other animals too!

    February 13, 2017