Pick Block Plus

The Pick Block mod is a little tweak that streamlines your Minecraft experience. If you click or use a chosen keybind on any block or entity, provided you have that item anywhere in your inventory it will automatically jump to whatever slot you’re currently using in your hotbar. So say for example you want to use some stone blocks as your next item to build with. If you see some stone nearby, just use the keybind for this mod and it will move to the highlighted slot in your hotbar.

It also helps if an enemy is closing in and you don’t have a weapon ready. If you use the keybind while sneaking, then the best weapon in your inventory is suddenly ready to use.

And the same principle applies to harvesting any blocks. Whether wood, stone, or sand, just use the keybind while sneaking and the right tool will automatically be ready to use on those blocks.

The mod also works in creative mode and you don’t need any items already in your inventory. So you can use the keybind on any block and the item will drop into your inventory ready to use.

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  1. I am Confused What Is Key bind

    June 16, 2017
    • It’s whatever key you choose to activate the mod. There is a default keybind but you can change it to whatever you want if it conflicts with a different mod or action. Just go to the settings and select the controls option. It should be listed near the top to change the key for Pick Block and Pick Block Plus. It’d be good to set it to a key that’s easily accessible to where your hands are placed during normal gameplay.

      June 19, 2017