The Eyemod adds an iPhone-like device to Minecraft giving you a handy little tool to take notes, listen to music and even private message friends via text or email. It functions much the same as a real iPhone on a much smaller scale.

You’ll need to set up a charger that functions on redstone dust.

And a server that connects to the phone when you right click the phone on it. Then you can download apps using emeralds, gold, or diamond.

But the real usage out of this mod is the Overpowered Eyephone. This will allow you to do many more things in the game like summoning entities:

Teleporting and saving locations:

And simply setting off some TNT on any desired coordinates!

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Eyemod, 3.87 / 5 (431 votes)


  1. This mod is amazing it fits perfectly with my mods in my city
    I recommend it for you if you are making a city/town or you are bored and just wanna have fun!

    December 2, 2018