Find the Mobs

Find the mobs does exactly as the name suggests, it finds mobs. You can set which mobs you want to find specifically and they will show up in a radar blip in the corner of your screen. This is a convenient way to track mobs and/or avoid the more dangerous ones.

The map shows in relation to yourself in the middle of the radar and is based on standard compass directions.

If you’re looking for a specific mob then this mod will easily point you in the direction of where to find them. It also has arrow indicators of where the mobs are in relation to whether they are above or below you.

You can also customize the size of the radar as well as the color of arrow indicators.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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Find the Mobs, 3.78 / 5 (83 votes)


  1. Does it show mobs from other mods on the map?

    April 21, 2017
  2. Oh this is AWESOME and very useful in survival! Creepers won’t be able to creep up on me like they did before! Five Stars from me!!!!!

    January 4, 2018