Sips adds a couple of new containers to be able to carry and drink liquids on the go! The Lil Sip is a small container that looks like a soda can and provides you with a few gulps before it empties.

The Big Chug gives you a few more drinks to carry around with you.

The cans can hold any type of liquid. So now you can carry around drinkable water, milk, mushroom soup and even lava! Although be careful taking a drink from the lava can as it results in instant death.

These cans are also capable of holding other types of liquids from various mods so try it out if you have any others installed.

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Sips, 3.95 / 5 (38 votes)


  1. How do I fill it with Mushroom Stew?

    August 14, 2019
    • Milk a mooshroom

      August 27, 2020