Extra Bows

Extra Bows gives you several new, super charged bows made with strengthened materials. They come in several tiers and have several options for upgrades as well! The bows range in strength from stone to emerald.

The interesting part of this mod is how many upgrade options are available. If you hit the B key it’ll bring up the GUI to fill with upgrades. You can then add up to 4 upgrades like the ability to double or triple the amount of arrows that can be shot at the same time.

You can even set fire to those arrows for extra damage.

If you need to call down lightning from the heavens then just add the lightning upgrade and strike away.

And if you need to deal a massive amount of damage then add the TNT upgrade for a real explosive shot.

There are several upgrades that benefit the player as well and aren’t strictly for dealing damage. The bridge upgrade builds a temporary bridge out of bridge blocks added with this mod. It’ll disappear after a few seconds but should be enough time to cross dangerous gaps.

Or the ender upgrade that will teleport the player to wherever the arrow lands. This one could be dangerous, though, if you don’t know where you’re firing and can’t see the arrow land!

You can combine these in a variety of ways and that creativity is left up to the player!

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