Towers Of The Wild

Towers of the Wild adds sporadic, sky high monuments similar to the Breath of the Wild video game. They can spring up in any biome and because of their height and narrow footpath they can certainly be a challenge to scale.

You’ll be able to spot them from a distance easily but the only way up is a one block trail around the sides and ladders with no edge or side support.

They do contain a chest at the very top to reward the effort it took to reach it. The peak of the towers are undeniably breathtaking if you do manage to make it there so collect your reward and set out to discover the next… once you make it back down the way you came.

You’ll find them scattered around any different biome so they make exploration a bit more rewarding when you do find them. Trek through arid deserts and take refuge atop the massive monument.

Or break up the mugginess of swampy marshes.

Or if you simply need to see over the trees, a tower in the middle of a dense forest could provide ample vision above the leaves.

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