The Saltymod adds salt to Minecraft. Its uses are largely aesthetic but there are some key features that make it worthwhile outside of adding new blocks. It can be found in ore form, grown via salt crystals, or salvaged from an evaporator.




Salt ore can be crafted into various decorative blocks, slabs and bricks. It can also be formed into lamps. The light is pretty low but works great in certain situations.



The salt in powder form can be used to pickle foods providing a slight extension of your hunger, which is great for long journeys. It can also be used to neutralize rotten flesh so now you’ll finally have a use for it!


You’ll also find salt lakes around the world and underneath them you’ll find blocks of mineral mud. You can create mud mask armor with this, which isn’t very durable but it will provide some health restoration over time. Be careful near water though as it will dissolve over time.

salt lake



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  1. Wow. Its a Salty mod. i havent gotten it yet…. it might be too salty! Just a question; Are you a salty person? (Anyone can answer this) Im not… at least im not most the time :3

    December 15, 2016