Realistic Torches

Realistic Torches brings to Minecraft an interesting feature when it comes to crafting light sources. It does as the name describes and provides a more realistic experience with torches. They start unlit when originally crafted and will need to be manually lit using flint & steel or with a matchbox.



The difficulty sets in when the torches burn out. The default setting is for 60 minutes of burn time. This is meant to give the player an incentive to find permanent light sources, like glowstone. If you leave your dwellings lit only by torches you may be left in the dark in the long run. But this mod gives a solution if you prefer the aesthetic of torches. You can craft permanent torches by using glowstone crystals instead of coal. This still forces you to seek out better light but at least you can still use the torch if you want.


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  1. YAY this was supposed to be added in minecraft update but notch didnt add it

    March 14, 2021