Realistic Bees

Realistic Bees is a mod that aims to improve the behaviors and frequency of bees in Minecraft. You’ll notice right away how many more are visible around their hives and they seem much more natural than before.

When a bee is attacked and becomes hostile, its eyes turn red and it will sting either the player or mob that attacked it. This will also cause other bees in the same swarm to come and sting as well. The stings will immediately cause a poison effect and the best course of action would be to run away fast!

There is also the chance for the stinger to be left in whoever the bee stung, which will prompt a message every time a stinger is left behind. You have 2 options when this happens: use shears to take the stingers out and the poisoning will stop or wait 30 seconds for it to stop on its own. The latter being risky if you have no way to regenerate health quickly. Use the shears like you normally would but without pointing them at any blocks and the stingers should come out fairly quick.

The sad, but realistic part of this feature is that, like it real life, if a bee loses its stinger then it will die. This mod has a yellow particle effect around bees that have lost their stinger and they have 1 minute until they die.

These effects can all be configured and/or turned off altogether but otherwise this mod does exactly as the name promises by making the bees in Minecraft just a bit more realistic. This mod does also require an additional API found here.

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