Real Filing Cabinet

The Real Filing Cabinet is a neat and interesting way to store items by using actual files and filing cabinets to organize your items.

Essentially you craft a file and then place that file with any item you want to store in it within a crafting table. Now with the item(s) safely stored in that file, you can place it in a filing cabinet. And if you craft a magnifying glass you can quickly view what’s in each cabinet or click with it to manually move files around without opening it.

Cabinets can store 8 files and can also be filtered to only store certain types of files/items by placing an item frame above it and whatever item you want filtered in the frame. No item in the frame will allow any items to be stored in the cabinet.

You can also craft a suitcase that can carry all the files within one cabinet for easy transportation elsewhere. This means you can potentially carry a large amount of items and still only take up one slot in your inventory.

Cabinets can be upgraded to perform different tasks too. You can create a mob cabinet that requires mob files to catch and store them with ease. This makes for a nifty, non-violent approach to defending yourself.

Crafting upgrades will attempt to auto-craft any item placed in the item frame above the cabinet. The cabinet itself will need all the necessary blocks first and then simply right-click it with an empty hand to instantly obtain that crafted item.

And you can even smelt items with the smelting upgrade. It will need 3 folders to be able to work. One to hold the items to be smelted, one to hold fuel, and one to hold the type of item it will smelt into. The benefit of this upgrade is that it will use the same amount of fuel as normal furnaces but smelt twice as fast. Plus it can smelt multiple items at once!

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  1. how do you unload items i got my god pick stuck in there

    January 31, 2021
    • put it in the crafting table by itself

      March 20, 2021