Better Portals

Better Portals removes a lot of the restrictions to crafting portals in Minecraft. You can make them in any shape so long as the obsidian blocks connect somehow.

And even better is this mod removes the loading screen so you can see right into the Nether or End and transfer between worlds instantly!

Portals can even be made horizontally on the ground or in water!

You can even make really massive portals but with the early state of this mod you might run into a bit of a lag with chunks loading, but otherwise it works large or small!

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Better Portals, 3.64 / 5 (213 votes)


  1. Don’t download from here, download from the original source at ! You never know what kind of virus / adware you’re downloading with these repost sites.

    June 1, 2019
    • Just an FYI the download link and the forum link on this page directs to the source pages and we credit the creator/developer at the top of every review. We strive to never steal mods and only provide reviews for the best mods while linking to original sources. Thanks for looking out, though!

      June 7, 2019
      • I suppose the skepticism is fair though, some of the sites i’ve seen like this in my time have been mega-sketchy. You seem reasonable and genuine though so… kudos! I appreciate that.

        October 26, 2019
        • Understandable skepticism! I try to distance this site from any of the sketchy ones so people aren’t exposed to any malware or scammy links.

          October 26, 2019
    • Dude I have used this site and my laptop is fine and it would not be up if they did not link to the original source duh

      July 28, 2019