The TreeOres mod is a fantastic way to acquire massive amounts of all the ores in the game. If you want to skip the mining but don’t want to succumb to switching to creative mode, then this mod is a perfect way to maintain a steady ore supply while also putting in some work.


The sapling is key to this mod. Each ore sapling will need to start as any sapling surrounded by the desired ores. They are quite expensive as you’ll need to craft the saplings with blocks of ores but it’s well worth it in the long run. Then just plant as you normally would. Bonemeal will also work on these saplings so quick harvesting is definitely possible.


There are three Transformers that are also needed to convert the chopped ore wood to individual ores: normal, nether and reinforced. These are key for harvesting different ores rather than smelting them in a furnace. Obsidian needs a reinforced transformer, Nether items need the Nether one, and all others will use the normal transformer. They are, however, infinitely reusable.


Each tree will drop saplings to further reproduce more oretrees. So creating an ore farm of trees should be fairly simple.


What’s even more amazing is you can craft an XP tree to quickly boost your XP simply by chopping down a few trees.


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  1. im using this mod now, so far this is my favorite mod of all time, because you dont have to go down into those dark dirty caves, for nothing, you can get all the resources up above!

    February 6, 2016
  2. Technically wouldn’t you need to still go inside of the caves to get the ore blocks to do this?

    February 26, 2016