Pandoras Creatures

Pandoras Creatures adds a few new mobs to your world and some interesting items that come along with them. Undersea life gets a couple of new friends with seahorses and crabs. The seahorses come in a variety of colors and add a bit of majesty to what lies beneath the waves.

Both can be scooped up in buckets of water making it very easy to transport or re-home them.

This mod also adds a very large buffalo-type mob called the Bufflon. They roam snowy fields and plains and are incredibly helpful companions.

You can tame them with an herb bundle and ride them around. But if you happen to find or trade for Bufflon saddles you can add extra seating for friends or even add storage capabilities.

And the Arachnon is a very strong, spider-like creature. If you manage to kill one then you can craft a powerful Arachnon Hammer.

The hammer has the ability to break a 3×3 block of stone so it becomes a crucial piece of mining equipment.

The Nether also gets two new mobs to watch out for. The hellhound is an all skeleton, dog creature that’s impervious to fire and they fight in packs. They also have a chance of spawning as a more powerful wither hellhound.

And the Acidic Archvine is a dubious hanging plant in the Nether that will grab anyone walking beneath its tongue. You can counter these by wearing a plant hat to avoid getting scooped up!

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