More Picks

The More Picks mod adds more pick axes to the game. More than just adding additional picks, though, this mod expands the durability of stone and wood picks to give you more variety and stronger tools.


All logs can now be made into individual picks. They all have the same durability so the difference is merely aesthetic. But what changes here is that they have four times the durability as a standard wooden pick.


You can now also make picks from andesite, diorite, and granite. These all have roughly three times the durability of standard stone picks. You can even make a chiseled stone pick which adds even more to the durability if you choose to craft this route instead.


And lastly you can craft Obsidian picks that are twice the durability of diamond picks but it comes at a price with both time and resources. You’ll need to make 3 compressed obsidian blocks, polish them, craft them into a pickaxe head, smelt that with an entire block of coal, and then assemble with two sticks.


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  1. Does this work for swords too? Just wondering.

    March 12, 2016