Quintessential Creatures

The Quintessential Creatures mod adds a few new exotic mobs to the game. Many can be found in large bodies of water but others can be seen wandering various biomes. Possibly the most adorable of the new creatures is the Octopus. You’re already accustomed to Minecraft’s squid but now you’ll encounter a similar creature only with eight tentacles. They’re pretty harmless but will spray ink when attacked.



Further down underwater you may encounter the Angler. If you know anything about these guys, you’ll know that they lure in prey with their glowing antennae then follow up with a vicious attack. These are definitely not something to mess with in an already critical environment.


Up on dry land you’ll find tortoises among the flowers. They can easily be lured by feeding them flowers and then you can rest a chest on top of them. This will give you a significant inventory boost to offload some of your excess items.


And once night approaches, be wary of the troll. This is a new enemy that throws rocks and hunts at night. If you manage to make it through the night you may see him turned to stone by daybreak.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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  1. Is this mod compatible with other mods? :I

    May 1, 2016
  2. I love the turtle and the octopus, their adorable!!! ^^ <3

    August 23, 2019