Lux Lighting

The Lux Lighting mod adds new varying sources of light to Minecraft. Now you’ll have more options than Glowstone, Torches, or Jack O Lanterns. This mod adds a simple source of light: the Light Bulb. It isn’t particularly bright compared to the other sources but it is cheap to make and fits a nice modern aesthetic over standard torches.


Glowstone is still a key asset to lighting with this mod with the iron and wood Glowstone lamps. They are normal Glowstone blocks surrounded by glass and either iron or wood depending on what aesthetic you prefer. These are much nicer blocks than simply using Glowstone and they should fit more cohesively with your designs. They also seem a bit brighter than standard Glowstone.


You now have 3 lantern options to choose from. One with a torch in it, one with a candle in it, and one with lava in it. They all have similar light emission so it seems these come down to personal preference.


And what else would make this mod complete than to set yourself up with a glowing campfire. Now you can keep the outdoors lit that fits the scenery a bit more than torches placed in the ground.


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