Ender Shard

The Ender Shard mod allows you to find Endermen much easier in a survival map. All too often you may find yourself needing to find Endermen or Ender Pearls but your map just won’t generate them. Or if you do find them they are few and far between. This mod allows you to craft Enderman Eggs to spawn Endermen whenever you need them. And it starts with the Ender Shard:


So now if you desperately need Endermen, this mod will have you covered. Since so many things depend on Ender Pearls, this mod will allow you to get them without having to resort to using creative mode. Or you can just use the eggs to keep some friends around.


If you have enough diamonds and emeralds, you can also just craft Ender Pearls without the middleman of killing an Enderman. This recipe requires the use of 4 diamonds and an emerald plus 4 shards, so it is quite expensive but if you have the scratch and need the pearls then it’s well worth the trade off.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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