Worms Mod

The Worms mod is a simple addition to Minecraft that gives a chance for worms, grubs or larvae to drop when digging in dirt, breaking cactus, or chopping logs.


The idea seems a little gross at first but it does provide a bit of realism to the game. It only seems natural that creepy crawlies will be found now and then with all the dirt and logs there is to dig through. The gross factor may come in when you realize you can eat these things. They give a low amount of health and saturation back but it’s great in a pinch.


If you want a little extra from these you can cook them in a furnace too. This mod definitely isn’t meant to replace a food source but may help you out if you’re far from a farm or if you simply haven’t started one yet. These guys may just save your life.


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Worms Mod, 3.80 / 5 (56 votes)


  1. They look like widgedy grubs! kinda cute

    February 16, 2018
  2. Can you make it so the worms can fertilize dirt it would be a big help for gardening

    September 16, 2019