More Crafting Recipes

The More Crafting Recipes Mod allows you to craft all the items in the game that you aren’t able to easily get outside of creative mode and without the silk touch enchantment. Items like Ore Blocks, Saplings, Music Disks, and String can now all be crafted with this mod.


This mod gives you all the items you’d want out of creative mode without needing to be in creative mode. Now you can play in survival mode with every block available to you if you have the materials to craft them.

The best part is you can even craft the blocks only available in The End or The Nether without needing to pay a visit to either!


I recommend checking out the Minecraft forum post for all the available recipes.

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  1. I think the End Portal Frame block may be a little OP, since it’s unbreakable. Also, to craft an end portal, now you only need 24 ended pearls, 96 sandstone, and 6 blaze rods.

    July 20, 2017
    • Using another mod that lets you make blaze rods or blaze powder in conjunction with that would only make end portals even easier to make. I could see how this could be use daily for trolling. Just go to the End, (unnecessary) set up a blaze farm, and bam, you’re ready to troll people. The Blaze farm is only needed if you want to make an actual End portal somewhere, but just the frame she would also be a good troll tool, as again, it’s INDESTRUCTIBLE, so just cover someone’s house with them, and they can’t get in unless they switch to Creative Mode!

      July 20, 2017