The Wawla mod is a great tool that provides you with useful information for every block and item in the game. When you hover over the items a dialog box will appear giving it’s properties and often the correct tool for destroying it.


Some items can give additional info if you shift+hover over it. If you do that for enchantment books it will give you a brief description of what it does. This is great if you’re not exactly sure what the enchantment is capable of and how it will be useful to you.


When you hover over a furnace in use it will give you what is currently smelting/cooking, how many items are in it, what the fuel source is and what it’s output will be. It will also let you know how long the item has left to cook.


When you hover over mobs, pets and other animals the tool will tell you the health of it. In multiplayer servers it will tell you the name of the owner of tamed pets. In the case for horses it will also tell you its jump strength and speed.


This mod is great for the casual user as well as the beginner. If you want detailed info on enchantments, mobs and your cooks then this is great for the power user. And if you’re new to the game or need quick info on new items then this mod is also of incredible help. It does require you to have Not Enough Items installed, which can be found here. It also needs an additional API found here.

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