Gany’s Surface

Gany’s Surface mod adds a bunch of new features to Minecraft to make your experience that much more efficient. From the ability to cook an egg to making wooden armor, this mod gives you many items you’d think should have come with Minecraft in the first place.



Have you ever gotten over loaded with organic material like leaves, rotten flesh and saplings? If you have no immediate use for those you can take your extra material and put it in the Organic Matter Compressor. It will take all your unwanted organic material and when combined with a piece of coal, it will form a block of coal. It does need to be placed below level 15 though as it requires a ton of pressure to operate.

You can now craft two things at once with the Dual Work Table. This can really crank up your crafting efficiency. And if that wasn’t efficient enough, you can also carry it around with you with the Portable Dual Work Table.



There are two new items to aid in farming, the Planter and the Farm Manager. The Planter works to automatically plant the seeds in it’s inventory so long as tilled dirt is below it. The Farm Manager works the same as the planter except now it will plant what’s in it’s inventory in a 9×9 block radius. This is a great way to quickly harvest your crops without having to worry about replanting.


If you’re a power redstone user, you’ll love to know that now you can have colored redstone wire. This is the perfect solution to complicated setups to trace your wiring back to it’s source. There’re 16 colors to choose from and they won’t interact with each other.


And another really cool feature of this mod is Disguised Trap Doors. You can make them to look like regular wood planks so the victim will be all the more surprised. Set it up to be triggered by opening a chest and drop potential thieves into a pit of lava.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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