More Beautiful Walls

The More Beautiful Walls mod gives you the ability to make walls out of nearly every block in the game. If you’ve ever wanted a seemingly endless choice of what to make your walls out of then this mod certainly has your every need covered. To be able to craft any of these wall varieties you first need to craft a wall frame first. This will be the crucial piece to be able to turn any block or item into a wall shape. This is done by placing eight sticks around any existing wall you have and you’ll get two frames from that recipe.

After you have a wall frame then all you need to do is combine that with the desired block type in any crafting grid. So now you can make walls of any color concrete or concrete powder and even different color wool blocks to have multiple color options.

You can combine the wall frame with various glazed terracotta blocks to make much more intricately designed walls and you can even use redstone ore and coral to make even more complex and unique barriers.

Because this mod allows you to use essentially all building blocks and more to customize wall designs, you can make even more creative walls from traditionally unheard of building materials. You can use iron ingots to make spawner walls that emit a very small amount of light but look incredibly ominous. These can be crafted with just eight iron ingots surrounding a wall frame.

You can also make walls that emit much more light like their respective building blocks like glowstone and magma cubes but you can also make red and blue flame walls as well! This is a great way to add exterior lighting in a creative and useful way.

This mod can even make walls from glass and stained glass so you can add color and a bit of questionable transparency to your barrier choices. These can be great for a more artistic approach to building walls and add unique color options since all of the wall varieties can connect to each other allowing you to alternate your choices as you see fit.

There are also some fun and unusual options like using some of the organic materials in the game. You can use both regular and dried kelp as well as cactus and hay. And you can make walls out of bookshelves and even cake!

And what really sets this mod apart from any other that specializes in wall customizations is the use of more than just one type of texture to build a unique wall from. For example, you can take every block or item pertaining to beehives and honeycomb and even the honey itself and build walls made entirely in the aesthetic of bees and what they produce. So if you have an affinity to the buzzing pollinators and especially the look of their homes in Minecraft, then  you can dedicate an entire fence line to the hard work they do!

This mod has so many more options to choose from that it is a must try if you want to have an absolutely infinite choice in how your walls and fences can look. It covers nearly anything you can think of as a design and allows you to make a wall from it.

This mod requires an extra API found here to work.

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