Improved Hoes

The Improved Hoes mod gives many advances to hoes in Minecraft. It makes farming significantly faster while also keeping it from being too much of an advantage for you. Essentially you still have to farm and harvest your crops but now it’s a little less tedious. The hoes will now auto-till a given square depending on which one you are using. Wood will give you one square, stone will make a 3×3 square, iron/gold will make a 5×5 square, and diamond will make a 7×7 square.





This makes for creating farms much quicker and easier. But even more helpful is the auto-harvesting. Once your crops are ready to harvest, just right-click with a hoe and every crop within radius will harvest. And even better with this method is the seeds will replant upon harvesting. So all you have to do is reap the benefits and wait for new crops to grow.



While harvesting and replanting is the most efficient use of this mod, you can also use different methods. If you just left click the crops with a hoe, they will all harvest in range but won’t replant.


And you can also shift + click to harvest just one crop at a time like you can without the mod installed.


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