Warp Book

The Warp Book is a simple way to keep track of your favorite locations in Minecraft. All you need are Warp Pages and the Warp Book to store them. You can store up to 54 pages in a Warp Book by shift+right-clicking with it in your hand.


With the Warp Page just right click while holding it at the location you want to save. It will turn the page purple and you can then store it in the Warp Book.



After you’ve loaded up some locations, just right click with the book in hand and it will bring up all the ones you have stored. Then just click what you want and you’ll be transported there instantly.


What’s really neat about this mod is it has no restriction on location. You can create an easy Nether Portal with it and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of an obsidian one so long as you have the book with you.


If you shift+right-click a Warp Page it will change into a Player Page. Essentially if you give this to someone else or if they give you their player page then you can load that in the Warp Book and easily teleport to wherever they are.


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