Hardcore Ender Expansion

The End will never be the same. This mod aims to make the End more than just an island with a boss. You’ll now have new biomes to explore, new ores to harvest, new mobs to fight and most of all new adventure to explore.


The Ender Compendium is the key source of information with this mod. Hit the ‘P’ key to bring it up and get yourself situated with the new dimension. But the caveat is you’ll need to collect many knowledge notes in chests throughout the new End to reveal new pages. This gives you a bit of that adventure as you’ll need to explore in order to learn.


You’ll quickly notice how daunting the new End has become. You’ll still spawn on the main island with the Ender Dragon, but once you beat him you’ll be free to explore the new world. It is, however spread out over the vastness of space via many orbs and islands.


You’ll soon come across Dungeon Towers along the way. These are full of angry Enderman and tons of loot; all randomly generated. If you make it to the top, you’ll find the Ender Eye. It’s asleep until you attack it but beware, it is very strong. It’s attacks cause nausea and his hits can send you careening off the tower.



The seemingly endless dimension has new biomes like the Infested Forest, Burning Mountains and Enchanted Island. The infested forest contains a Ravaged Dungeon full of silverfish, lice and endermen. It’s the only place you’ll find charms necessary for enchanting the player with power, agility, defense, etc. It’s a pretty difficult maze to traverse due to how red and dark it is as well as the myriad mobs infesting it and ready to attack.




This mod really adds tons of gameplay to Minecraft and there’s so much more to see first hand. It’s a brand new dimension with tons of new items to explore. If you’ve ever wanted a much more difficult level in the game, then the Hardcore Ender Expansion is right up your alley. Plus it makes finding and defeating the Ender Dragon infinitely more exciting. There’s now a much bigger purpose to the End.

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Hardcore Ender Expansion, 4.25 / 5 (112 votes)


  1. I would like to point out that this mod, despite its size, uses a unusual amount of memory
    and is not recommended for computers with small amount of memory.

    December 4, 2016