The Aquaculture mod aims to add a more realistic fishing system to Minecraft. It adds more than 32 new fish that closely resemble real life species. And what’s even better is you have a chance of catching random loot deep in the depths of the ocean. Specific fish will even spawn in their own biomes!


The key item to this mod is the Iron Fishing Rod. This tool allows you to catch all the new fish and the chance to reel in loot. There are also Gold, Diamond and Neptunium rods that subsequently increase your chances of successful hauls when fishing.


Neptunium is a new ore added to the game that allows you to craft better tools and armor. It seems that the armor and tools are a few points stronger than Diamond so well worth the effort. The Neptunium Rods, however, are reserved for Server Admins or Creative mode builds as they catch something every time the line is cast. You can find Neptunium or full pieces of Neptunium armor in Neptune’s Bounty chests, caught randomly while fishing.


Some of the items may seem like junk, like tin cans and boots. But the benefit to these items is what you can craft with them. You can turn the garbage you find into raw materials. Driftwood crafts into planks, boots craft into leather, tin cans smelt into iron bars and even goldfish can be crafted into golden nuggets!


You can even enchant your rods to help you catch more fish with Efficiency; more loot with Magnetic enchants; heavy line enchants for catching items with more weight; plus many more. If you’ve ever wanted a more immersive fishing experience in Minecraft, then this mod is a great push in that direction. It gives you realistic fish while keeping you in the mindset that the type of rod or lure (enchantment) makes a difference in your catch.

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  1. So, just to clarify, Neptunium is ingots and pieces can only be found by fishing with at least an Iron Rod? Just want to make sure I am understanding correctly.

    March 17, 2019